We are on a mission to revolutionize the way people and businesses communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

"Embrace the Future: Immerse Yourself in Boundless Experiences"

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At SolidWater, we’re passionate about telling stories.

Our aim is to narrate your story through high-quality content that inspires and motivates.

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best user experience for them. Our team is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who play a vital role in bringing your ideas to life and making them a reality. We see technology as a powerful tool for driving change, and our team is committed to using it to your advantage. As a bridge between your ideas and the world, we work tirelessly to ensure that your vision is transformed into innovative solutions that make a difference. With our expertise and knowledge, we will guide you through the process of turning your ideas into reality, ensuring that you are part of the technological revolution.

We have inherited the core values
(Truthful, Faithfully, Progressive, Innovative...)
from SYMUNITY GROUP and hold them in high regard. As a team, we strive to contribute to society, respect humanity, and enrich every experience through any possible opportunity.

We collaborate closely with clients, employing best practices, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality, customized work. Communication, transparency, and responsiveness are our priorities throughout the project lifecycle.


Collectively, our teams possesses over a decade of outstanding industry experience, their vast experience also enables them to tackle complex challenges with confidence, innovate, and continuously improve our services.

100 %

Fully committed and unwavering dedication to deliver exceptional service to our customers, partners and projects, and will exert maximum effort to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled and surpassed.



Our service coverage goes beyond Malaysia and ASEAN, encompassing a global reach. We have established a strong network and infrastructure that equipped and enables us to provide seamless service delivery.



Our parent company has a long-standing history dating back to 1926. Being a company under the group, we strive to uphold the same standards of excellence that had set and leverage on the resources to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs.

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The "VIRTUAL" Experiences

& Virtual Production

// Creative Studio // Service Provider
// Specialist
Our belief: Foster collaboration between studios and companies, specializing in pre-visualization, XR(Extended Reality) production, virtual production, and ICVFX. Our goal: Bring your story to life through immersive works tailored to your needs. With leading products and cutting-edge tech, we deliver optimal results for maximum satisfaction

The "REAL" Experiences

Live Event

// Rental Provider // Stage Design
// Live Show Planning & Production
Specializing in top-notch event technical solutions, our skilled professionals offer services from dry hire to exceptional event production. We create extraordinary event experiences through seamless integration of audio, visual, and lighting. By incorporating immersive media, we enhance atmosphere and engage attendees. Our commitment to excellence ensures lasting impressions on all participants.

The "HYBRID" Experiences



"Blending Reality. Elevating Experiences"
Virtual x Real Experience: Unlocking Boundless Possibilities for Events and Commercial Production. Embrace a dynamic convergence of real and virtual realms, opening doors to a multitude of innovative and limitless possibilities. Elevate your events and commercial productions with immersive experiences that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression."

Our Strategy


"The path to Immersive Experiences"

We seamlessly integrate creative design in all our works, leveraging innovative thinking to craft immersive experiences that align with your business objectives and deliver impactful results.

Strategic Planning

We helps organizations anticipate and adapt to changes in their internal and external environments, fostering growth, competitive advantage, and effective allocation of resources.

Workflow Assessment

We help to identify process improvements and streamline operations in customer projects, optimizing efficiency and enhancing overall project delivery.

Production Design & Visualization

We helps customers by providing them with visual clarity, improved decision-making, and enhanced communication to effectively plan and execute their projects.

Project Management Support

We offer comprehensive assistance and expertise in project planning, execution, monitoring, and control, ensuring successful project outcomes and efficient utilization of resources.


We helps customers by efficiently translating their plans into action, ensuring smooth execution, timely delivery, and successful realization of their goals and objectives.

Outstanding Support

We also provide exceptional assistance, guidance, and responsive solutions to customers, ensuring their needs are met and delivering a superior level of service and satisfaction.

"Unlocking Immersive Creativity with Cutting-Edge Technology"

- your satisfaction is our priority -

Studio Production Space x R&D Lab

Experience the ultimate versatility in our studio, designed to accommodate a wide range of creative endeavors, including XR Stage, Virtual Production, Live Events, or any Commercial/Film Production. With adaptable spaces and advanced technologies, our studio empowers you to explore new dimensions of creativity and deliver exceptional experiences across multiple mediums.

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Our Partners

We build trusted, long-term relationships with partners based on collaboration, expertise, and a shared commitment to success. Our approach fosters open communication and flexibility, enabling us to consistently exceed expectations and drive growth together.